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Aid for Trash-Dump Children            
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The Executive Director of "The Unforgotten" is Amit Kapadia, PE, and he can be reached at:
amit.kapadia@unforgotten.org  or by phone at 443-668-2648.
Aid for Trash-Dump Children

Please save hungry children and their
mothers from eating trash and living in
garbage dumps.  Please give them
clean food and water, shelter,
schooling and a future.

  • We provide meals for children
    that were looking through trash
    for food to eat.

  • We enroll children in primary
    school, and free them of the
    burden of needing to earn
    money by selling items found in
    the trash.

  • We provide microloans to the
    mothers of trash-dump children
    to start businesses, so that the
    families do not become
    dependent on our aid.
Our Mission

We share the UN's vision of promoting
sustainable development in the poorest
areas of this planet, as encoded in the
Millennium Development Goals.  In
particular, we are working towards the
goals to:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and
    hunger, by helping those whose
    income is less than $1 US per

  • Increase access to safe
    drinking water.

  • Achieve universal primary

  • Promote gender equality and
    empower women

We focus on projects that aid the most
vulnerable --
mothers and girls living in
extreme poverty.
Working towards
the Millennium
Please order jewelry made by our
sponsored mothers!  
ALL PROCEEDS will go to them!

The women and girls we find living in
the trash dumps are in desperate
situations, and are usually:

  • Abandoned or running away
    from abusive men.

  • Illiterate and lacking in job skills.

  • Suffering from hunger, and
    searching for food.  

  • Sleeping in makeshift shelters
    inside the dump.

  • Unable to afford schooling

  • Traveling for miles to sell their
    finds from the trash dump

worldwide overview of the plight of
wastepickers: a brilliant piece compiled
by Donna Shaver for Dining for Women
Aid for Safe Drinking Water

Please help villagers in the poorest
regions of the world gain access to
safe drinking water.  It is the mothers
and girls that would benefit most, since
they bear the burden of bringing water
to the home.  

  • We drill boreholes, and install
    pumps to draw clean water from
    the ground, and construct tanks
    to store water.  

  • Where demand is outstripping
    supply (causing the water table
    to be falling rapidly), we install
    rainwater harvesting systems.

Developing clean drinking water
sources not only prevents deadly
illnesses, but frees mothers and girls
from making long, arduous trips, and
allows girls to attend school.
Our special thanks to our partner Dining for Women (DFW) !!  Their generous grant will be used to build
a program to support 50 mothers and 100 daughters presently living in the trash-dumps of Pune, India.  
Grant funding will go towards adult literacy services, microloans to the mothers to start small businesses,
and enrolling the daughters in primary school.  The members of DFW are to be commended for freeing
these families from wastepicking (selling and eating scraps found in the trash).    
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Zambia Program Video: Thanks to Ashley Bratton
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