The Unforgotten enrolls child wastepickers in schools.  We target  children that were not attending school,
and instead spending their days at trash dumps looking through the waste for food to eat and items to
sell.   We target children that were earning about $0.50 per day.  We pay for school fees, provide uniforms,
school supplies, shoes and extra tutoring.  We make an extra effort to enroll young girls in the program,
because they are especially vulnerable.  

When selecting families to sponsor, we give preference to those that are 1) headed by single mothers
(those where the father has abandoned the family), 2) supported by mothers that earn less than $1 per
day in wastepicking, 3) composed of at least two primary school age girls that have never been to school,
but instead engaged in wastepicking, and 4) actually living in the dump.

We hold meetings with school officials (principals, teachers, administrators) to get their buy-in with our
program goals.  We ask interested teachers to hold extra tutoring sessions for our sponsored children in
the evenings, weekends and holidays, and compensate them for their services.  We meet regularly with
the school officials to monitor the progress of the program, and to identify areas of improvement.  We pay
the school fees for the children (if required) to ensure they are receiving the requisite attention from
school officials and teachers, and to ensure the school has the resources to educate the children.  

If the public schools are unable to accommodate the children adequately, we will pay for the school fees
for the children to attend private schools.  (Note: In Zambia, in the first year of our program, we sent our
children to the neighborhood public school, which was already overwhelmed and unable to adequately
teach the enrolled children.  Once they admitted the children in our program, they were even more over
capacity.  Consequently, in the second year of the program, we developed a partnership with a nearby
private school, and enrolled all our children for a very affordable fee.  The children in our program are now
receiving an outstanding education.)

In Pune, India, we coordinated with
Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat to identify students for this
effort (KKPKP is an organization of persons involved in collection and segregation of garbage that works
to improve their living and working conditions).  

In Zambia, we have enrolled the children at Mapalo Trust School:

Special thanks to our
Education Advisor,     
Dr. Anita Pandey.    
The UNForgotten Fund
Shobha Raju Sathe.  Ms. Sathe is one
of the wastepickers whose child we
are sponsoring.  She is at work here
in Bibwewadi.
Maitreyi Shankar (left) is our project
manager in Pune.  Poornima
Chikarmane (right) is head of KKPKP
Ms. Sathe with her son Shubham at
their home in Chaitraban.  Shubham is
one of the children we are
sponsoring.  Amit Kapadia seated left.
Welcome at Maher, Vadu Budruk
(Shirur Taluka, just outside Pune
City).  Maher is a boarding school.
Sponsored children Sushant and
Shubham Lokhande at Maher
Welcome by Maher students.
Dining hall at Maharshi Karve Stree
Shikshan Sansthan, Hingane
Going to a meeting with wastepickers
in the slums of "Patil Estate"
Balaji (sponsored child), Bhama
bai and Pallavi, Balaji’s little sister.
Sushant and Shubham Lokhande at
Maher with social worker Tina.
Meeting with wastepickers in the
slums of "Patil Estate"
Boarding school: Maharshi Karve
Stree Shikshan Sansthan,
Hingane, Pune
and social worker Avinash at
Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan
Sansthan, Hingane.  The sponsored
sisters are enrolled here.
Program Objective
Description of objective
Measuring Success
Grade advancement
Sponsored girls should be receiving
good report cards, passing their
school exams and progressing to
higher grade levels.
We have a target of 90% of all our
sponsored girls advancing to the
next grade, every year they are in
the program.
End to wastepicking
Field teams will visit the sponsored
families at their homes and visit the
waste dump sites to ensure that girls
are attending school and not working
at the trash dumps.
We have a target of 90% of all our
sponsored girls ceasing to be
wastepickers, and fully
concentrating on being students.
Regular attendance
We will check with the girls’ teachers
to monitor their attendance.  
We have a target of each child
missing no more than 15 days per
school year.
Measuring Program Success -- Targets for Girls