Meal Programs

We have found that the children and mothers that are at the trash dumps in the cities of developing
countries are very malnourished.  They look through the trash for bits of food to eat, and only eat the
equivalent of perhaps a meal a day.  The children are rather small for their age.  

We discussed this issue with school principals when enrolling the children in school.  Principals have
shared that this is a common problem.  Students often faint in school from not having eaten in days.  It is
hard for the children to pay attention in class when they are hungry.

So, as a result, UNFF also provides meal supplements to the children that we support.  In Lusaka,
Zambia, for instance, we provide 5 kg of maize meal to the mothers weekly.

In areas such as Pune, India, where our children are enrolled in boarding school, meals are provided
throughout the day and evening.


The UNForgotten Fund
Weekly meal supplements delivered in
Lusaka, Zambia