UNFF provides microloans to the mothers of trash-dump children to start businesses, so that the
families do not become dependent on our aid.  Presently, we provide microloans of US $250, at no

In Lusaka, Zambia, the women have used the loans to open small stalls, where they sell corn meal, oil,
charcoal and tomatoes.  The women choose what businesses they start.  UNFF provides the capital and
basic business training workshops.  The women are very much in control of how their aid is used; they
have formed a working group, led by a chairlady that they have chosen.
The UNForgotten Fund
UNFF Projects Manager Rabecca Musonda
delivers a loan check to one of our
sponsored mothers in Lusaka, Zambia.
The mothers in Lusaka, Zambia, have used
the loans to open small food stalls.  They sell
tomatoes, charcoal, maize meal and oil.