In Zambia, The Unforgotten is presently providing aid to mothers and children living in the
trashdump in Chingwere.  We have an active microlending program, in which the mothers have
started small businesses, including
jewelry making.  We have enrolled the children at Mapalo
Trust School.  We have also completed two drinking water projects: one in the village of Ngwerere
and one in the village of Kabanana.  

There are several hundred families, headed by single mothers, living on/near the Chingwere
dump.  The Unforgotten is providing aid to twelve of these households.  In April 2011, we provided
microloans of $250 to the mothers in the program.  The mothers used these small loans to open
small food stalls.  After the mothers gained a few months experience borrowing and repaying
loans, we increased their loan amounts.  In December 2011, we provided an additional $1,735 in
microloans.  The women used these loans to open a variety of businesses (according to their
personal preferences), and each has also learned how to make jewelry.  They sell most of the
pieces themselves locally.  The Unforgotten buys from them as well, to support them, and sells on
their behalf in the USA.  At present, the sponsored mothers of The Unforgotten in Zambia are
working with fairly simple beads, but it is a promising start.  Some of the mothers have been
successful in sending their other children to school without charity aid.

Our Self Help Group in Chingwere, Zambia, is requesting a microloan of $10,000 to purchase a
plot of land where they can raise crops, chickens and pigs.  Please contribute to this effort!

Hunger relief:
The women and children in our program come from desperate situations.  Sometimes the
mothers would use the loaned money to feed their children, instead of growing their businesses,
so as part of our aid package, we now provide meal supplements, to enable the women to focus
their resources on growing their businesses.  Our team delivers simple high caloric maize meals
to their homes.  And despite this aid, children are still going to school hungry, and often fainting in
school from lack of food.  So, in 2013, thanks to your support, we will also be starting a school
feeding program at Mapalo Trust School, to assure that our supported children are receiving
adequate nourishment.  In 2013, we will provide about $2100 of maize meals to the families'
homes, and spend about $3,300 on a school feeding program.

The Unforgotten began enrolling child wastepickers in school in January 2011.  These children
were previously not attending school, and instead spending their days at the trash dump in
Chingwere, looking through the waste for food to eat and items to sell, earning about $0.50 per
day.  The Unforgotten” enrolled them in school, provided them with uniforms, school supplies, and
extra tutoring.

As of January 2013, we have 18 children in the program, enrolled at Mapalo Trust School.  We will
be adding 10 more children in May (the second school term).  School fees are about $150 per
child for the school year (divided into three terms), for a total cost of about $4,200 per year (for the
28 children).  

We are happy to report that ALL of our sponsored children are progressing well through school,
and each has advanced to the next grade level every year.  Their attendance has been exemplary.  
They actually do want to attend school, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity to attend.  We
initially thought that we might have difficulty persuading them to attend, and difficulty persuading
the mothers to send their children to school.  But nothing could be further from the truth!  Every
time members from our Board of Directors from the US make field visits, the mothers plead with
The Unforgotten to continue supporting their children’s education.  And although the children
desperately need extra tutoring to keep up with their more privileged peers, they are extremely

Kabanana Water Supply
The Unforgotten, in partnership with UK-based Kabanana Care (Zambia) Trust, developed a water
supply for an orphanage in Kabanana, Zambia.  The project was developed in consultation with
the Ministry of Community Development.  The water supply will provide water for approximately 180
orphans and approximately 500 members of the neighboring community.  The water supply will
provide a much needed source of water in a drought prone region of Zambia, and service the
underprivileged and vulnerable.  It will supply water at a rate of 0.5 liters per second and store
5000 liters in an elevated tank; it will use an electric pump to draw from a depth of 85 meters.  
Thanks to the generous support of donors, the water supply was placed into service in December
2012.  The borehole is situated in a location where both the orphans and the neighboring
community can access the water.  The water supply will be maintained by a local water
committee.  The approximate total cost was 42.3 Million Kwacha ($8,500 US dollars).

For details, please refer to the project report:
Kabanana Zambia Orphanage Water Supply Report
Acting Country Director and Projects
Manager Ms. Rabecca Musonda Machiya
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